Hire Us

We admit it. We’re selective about the new clients we take on. We accept a new client relationship when we believe we can contribute to a measurable improvement in your content marketing program. That makes sense for both of us, because we’re going to really get to know your company, product / service, and market. We spend the resources to do that when we’re confident we can deliver a return on the investment.

The StudioScripta difference

Some businesses hire freelance writers, spend a lot of time educating them about their market, customers, and products or services only to find they don’t “get it” or if they do, they’re not available when the next project is needed.

StudioScripta clients, on the other hand, have the peace of mind of knowing they have writers and editors who are continually developing an in-depth knowledge of their business, industry, and customers. It’s like having your own editorial team, but without the expense of employee salaries and benefits.

How do you know if we’re a good fit?

We consider such things as the customers you serve (our primary expertise is B2B), the market in which you compete (such as business services, consulting, technology, staffing, etc.), and your goals (using inbound marketing / content marketing to attract and nurture leads that convert).

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